Since 1978, Filtration Technology has been involved in the design and construction of over 1,600 cleanroom projects in a wide variety of industries. See examples below.


Contamination control and outgassing are critical concerns for aerospace applications.
Clients: NASA, Boeing, GE Aerospace, and others.


Exterior finishes plus key engine, and electronic components require clean manufacturing areas.
Clients: Volvo Truck, Dupont, OKI-Telecon, and others.


These cleanrooms must meet stringent cleanroom classifications while also complying with industry-specific regulations for product quality and processes. Clients: Advanced Bio Labs, Novavax, Texcell, and others.


Liquid and powder mixing and filling operations require clean environments to prevent contamination. Clients: B.F. Goodrich, Boehringer-Ingellheim, Herbalife, and others.


Fiber Optics

The smallest dust particles can completely ruin a fiber optic signal. Cleanroom manufacturing environments prevent this. Clients: Corning Glass, IRFlex, Kemet, and others.

Fiber Optics


Hospitals require special clean environments in operating rooms and pharmacies for effective patient care. Clients: Cone Health, Wake Forest Baptist, Wellstar Health, and others.

Medical Device

Medical devices are manufactured in clean environments for patient safety.
Clients: Core Technology Molding, Natvar, Zeus, and others.


Contamination control is critical to effective micro-electronic components used in consumer electronics and military hardware. Clients: Canon, US Army, ITT, and others.


Isolating the production or fabrication of nanostructures from contaminants.
Clients: American Nano, Wake Forest Health, and others.


Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences

Stringent clean operations are critical to the manufacturing and dispensing of pharmaceutical products. Clients: Baxter Healthcare, Mallinkrodt, and others.

Research & Development

R & D facilities require very clean environments for successful experimentation.
Clients: Duke University, Johns-Hopkins University, the US Navy, and others.

Specialty Films

The manufacturing of specialty films requires a dust free environment to maintain the integrity of wide roll film casting operations. Clients: Denkai America, Dupont, Polyzen, and others.