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A Veteran Owned business since 1971, Filtration Technology Inc. has been creating clear answers for industrial filtration and contamination control needs. Our staff of professionals designs each filtration and contamination control system to be reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

We identify your specific filtration and, contamination control requirements and then custom design a comprehensive system to cover all aspects of the application, considering both your immediate needs and long-term goals.

Our commitment to high quality standards has provided reliable specialty filtration and contamination control systems for a variety of applications in industrial environments, such as: Aerospace, General Industry, Defense, Life Sciences, and, Microelectronics.

Filtration Technology Inc. provides proven, practical and, affordable options and solutions.

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We are filtration and contamination control specialists providing the highest quality in Cleanroom Technology and Air Filtration to all types of commercial, industrial and specialized manufacturing facilities.

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Filtration Technology Inc. offers a wide range of air filtration and hardware used in multiple industries. Additionally, we are a design/build specialty contractor and installer of cleanroom enclosures. We also offer specialty cleanroom equipment such as: components, furnishings, supplies, and services.

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