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Separative Devices

Clean Air Hoods

   Clean Air Hoods address the need for high reliability contamination control programs. Widely used in the manufacturing, assembly and testing of highly sensitive electronic and pharmaceutical products. They offer you an inexpensive solution for the elimination of most airborne contaminants.

Clean Air Hoods are available in Stainless Steel, Static Dissipative PVC, Clear Polycarbonate and Clear or Amber Acrylic. All Clean Air Hoods are available in Class 1, 100, & 10,000 configurations.

Air Showers   Air Showers offer an effective way to reduce contaminants carried by individuals entering or leaving a controlled area. Air Shower tunnels are protected passageways that allow large volumes of personnel to pass into controlled areas.

   Both types supply concentrated Class 100 sterile air which is delivered through pressurized nozzles at velocities of 6,000 to 8,000 FPM. These high velocity air streams lift off contaminants while an individual stands in, or walks through, the chamber. Contaminated air is then directed downward through grilles and back up hollow walls of the Air Shower to the HEPA filter.

   Minimum efficiency is 99.97% at 0.3 microns. Air Shower and Air Shower Tunnels are economical to operate and are virtually maintenance free.

   Glove Boxes and Isolators facilitate the perfect atmosphere where moisture control or containment is necessary. Glove Boxes are specially designed to Glove Boxesaccommodate a variety of needs.

   A special removable back wall allows entry of large parts, while smaller parts may enter through interchangeable Air Locks, which can be located at either end of the box. Air Locks are specifically designed to protect the unit's interior atmosphere and work in process.

   The Glove Box is made of study, lightweight 1/4" white opaque acrylic back, bottom and sides) and clear 1/4" transparent acrylic front, providing even illumination from ambient room light... fitted with Pass-Through Air Locks, allowing system to be expanded into a series of units... and features oval shaped, Ray-Liptic™ armports with wide flanges for operator comfort as standard equipment.Isolators

   All Glove Boxes are engineered with tapped inlets for purging the box and air lock with dry gas. Besides the acrylic material described above, these air boxes are also available in stainless steel, clear polycarbonate, Static Dissipative PVC and Amber Acrylic.

   Isolators - small Isolators provide the same basic functionality as the Glove Box. Made from clear acrylic, the Isolator allows for easy manipulation and view of work in progress. Isolators provide comfortable access ports, environmental controls with precise oxygen and nitrogen mixtures, moisture control, and isolated environmental filtration.

Clean Benches

Horizontal or vertical flow E-Series Clean Benches utilize "SAM" fan powered filter modules to provide an even flow of clean air over the work surface. Work surface constructed of a solid core with white high pressure laminate. Clear acrylic side and back panels placed to direct air flow over work surface. All models with lights are equipped with a two lamp, T8 light fixture. Standard frame is white powdercoated steel. Many options available.

The C-Frame Laminar Work Station provides clean HEPA filtered air to existing tables or workstations without taking up valuable floor space. Also, placing in-line over conveyors or assembly lines can provide needed cleanliness at critical areas. The C-Frame is cost effective by reducing outlay for overhead suspension.

Dessiccators Cabinets

   Dessiccators Cabinets are designed for economical dust and moisture-free storage and protection of microelectronic devices, subminiature parts, semiconductor wafers, biochemical mixtures, and electronic subassemblies. They offer economical dust-free and moisture-free storage.

   The cabinets are available in both standard and Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Protection configurations. All are designed to increase shelf life, provide faster system recovery and provide higher production yields. They are constructed of 1/4" acrylic... feature easy-open doors, fabricated with acrylic bar enforcement's to prevent door warpage, assuring positive seal... solvent bonded seams... fully 360-degree visibility, chrome plated wire racks to support slide out shelving, and shelf height adjustment every 1/2". This system allows you to utilize every square inch of storage space within the desiccator. ESD Protection models are available in two lines, Static Dissipative PVC and the cost saving Static Path™ units.

   Micron-Aire® Pure Purge™ System
All Dessiccators are available with doors on both sides for Pass-Through applications. Optional accessories include: Pure Purge™ System, Locking Lift Latches, Flowmeters, Pressure Relief Valve, Steel Stands, Stainless Steel Trays, Shields and Shelves. Three designs of mobile desiccators are also available.

   Stainless Steel Exhaust Fume Hood
The Stainless Steel Exhaust Fume Hood is your best choice for manufacturing, assembling and/or testing products that may need protection from asbestos, metal dust, or toxic powders generated at the work surface. The Stainless Steel Exhaust Fume Hood captures contaminates, while returning clean air to ambient.

   The stainless steel hood is Chemical and Heat resistant for sensitive operations such as soldering, which generates fumes that cam be damaging to other types of materials. The Stainless Steel Exhaust Fume Hood is available with the quality exhaust blower system for indoor release. In addition, the system's flange adapter panel easily connects to existing in-house exhaust systems.

   Our stainless steel exhaust fume hood units are available with the following accessories:

  • Stainless Steel Work Surfaces
  • Hinged Access Shield
  • Flange Adapter Panels

Quality/Process Environment Contamination Control System

Q/PECS is a family of self-contained clean process environment enclosures designed to enhance your quality system.

Q/PECS is a "Separative Device" as described in ISO 14644-7 "Cleanrooms and associated Controlled Environments - Part 7"

Q/PECS is custom designed to fit around your critical process.

Q/PECS is a contamintaion controlled environment utilizing HEPA/ULPA filtration.

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   Since 1971 Filtration Technology Inc. continues to demonstrate proven leadership as FILTRATION and Contamination Control Specialists by providing the highest quality in Cleanroom Facilities and Air & Liquid Filtration to all types of commercial, industrial and specialized manufacturing facilities.

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