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Medical & Surgical Solutions

   Since 1971, Filtration Technology, Inc. has planned designed, and constructed medical and industrial cleanrooms. Today, Filtration Technology, Inc. stands as one of the most experienced sources for filtration and contamination control in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic areas.

   Surgery Image 1With over 450 complete turnkey cleanrooms, our variety of experience enables us to design and build a customized cleanroom, specifically designed to meet the needs of your application. For your convenience, we offer comprehensive turnkey service, managing your project from start to finish.

   Filtration Technology, Inc.'s experience in the specialized area of medical and surgical cleanrooms provides us with the necessary insight to these highly specialized applications.

Increase Operating Room Efficiency With Laminar Flow Filtration Systems

   Laminar Flow DevicesWith the rapid advancement of technical and procedural sophistication, the medical community requires the highest level of operation efficiency available. In many important areas of a hospital, especially the operating room and pharmacies, a significant change in efficiency and productivity can be achieved with the contamination control of a laminar flow room.

Achieve Maximum Levels of Infection Control

   Surgery Image 2
Operating rooms and other critical care areas utilizing laminar flow systems can greatly enhance patient care by decreasing the amount of pathogenic bacteria and particulate in the air. The reduced risk of airborne contamination and resulting secondary infection is of paramount importance to the health, and perhaps survival, or surgical and critical care patients.

Increase System Profitability

   Laminar flow operating rooms can reduce the time it takes to perform surgical procedures by reducing the time spent on infection-control measures. This reduction in time allows for more productive and efficient use of the operating room and enables physicians to broaden their range of procedures. Surgery Image 3   

Hospitals can realize a higher dollar rate per unit of time for the laminar flow equipped operating room and enhance cost containment opportunities.

   Our selection of special surgical garments adds another increase to the levels of patient and physician infection control.

Enhance Hospital Image As a Specialty Center

   The economical benefits of increased medical/surgical efficiency extend beyond the boundaries of the medical facility. The increased level of medical productivity in cleanroom-equipped facilities generates a strong reputation for a superior level of health care. This impression extends to all the physicians and patients associated with the hospital, and can influence private practice physicians to utilize these specialized facilities over others.

Realize the Comprehensive Benefits of Filtration Technology Inc. Medical/Surgical Cleanrooms

   In the highly sensitive area of advanced medical/surgical procedures, the nature and degree ofSurgery Image 4 the inherent risks are of great importance. The intense competition that exists between medical facilities requires the constant upgrading of medical equipment for both professional capability and image.

   Cleanrooms and contamination control areas designed and constructed by Filtration Technology Inc. provide an economical and practical way to benefit both hospital and patient.

Since 1971 Filtration Technology Inc. continues to demonstrate proven leadership as FILTRATION AND CONTAMINATION CONTROL SPECIALISTS by providing the highest quality in Cleanroom Facilities, Air & Liquid Filtration to all types of commercial, industrial and specialized manufacturing facilities.

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