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Filtration Technologies

  • Purolator Automatic RollT

Purolator Automatic RollT filter media consists of high loft gradient density fiberglass or polyester which allows deep dirt penetration assuring high-dirt holding capacity and maximum filtration efficiency. The use of continuous filaments in the fiberglass manufacturing process eliminates fiber break off.
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  • Facet™ Disposable Panel Filters

Facet™ Disposable Panel Filters long standing excellence in providing durable, top performing disposable fiberglass filters is applied to the manufacturing of their Polyfiber filters. Ideally suited for residential, commercial, or light industrial use, the Polyfiber was developed for situations where synthetic media products are required. Read more... [140 K]

  • Facet™ Mono Pleat

The Facet™ Mono Pleat is the one pleat for residential, commercial and industrial use. It is an inexpensive upgrade from 1" fiberglass panels, and combines high performance filtration capability with a unique Monobond frame construction. Monobond frame forms a heat sealed bond to prevent air bypass. Semi-tapered radial pleats improve airflow and maximize dust holding capacity. Read more... [240 K]

  • Hi-E 40 Filter

Purolator Hi-E 40 Picture

   The Purolator Hi-E 40T is a medium efficiency, self-supported, extended surface, pleated air filter. The media area and initial air flow resistance have been carefully balanced to withstand flow capacity up to 625 FPM while maximizing dust holding capacity. Read More... [451 K]

  • Defiant Mark 80D


   The DEFIANT MARK 80-D is a medium efficiency, self-supported, extended surface, pleated air filter. It outperforms similar products in initial efficiency and average efficiency, providing maximum filter service life. The MARK 80-D is effective in standalone applications or as a pre-filter in place of a disposable, permanent, or media pad-frame filter.
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  • PURO® Cell

The PURO-CELLŪ filter is a carbon-loaded rigid box filter engineered to provide medium and high-efficiency filtration combined with odor control. Its construction eliminates the need for retainers and special external wire media supports. A high surface area-to-depth ratio provides the maximum amount of effective filter media in areas of minimum in-line duct space. Read More... [87 K]

  • Hi-E 40 CB

    Purolator Hi-E 40 Picture Magnify
The goal of a Purolator hi-E 40T CB pleated filter is to promote improved indoor air quality through odor control. These carbon-loaded pleated filters clean the air by removing airborne molecular contaminants present at levels less than one particle per million. Read More...[102 K]

  • PURO® Seal Carbon Refillable Trays


Purolator's refillable carbon trays provide dual filtration of particulate and odor adsorption. They are available for vapor or liquid phase filtration. (See the Application Reference Information on the back page).
Each panel is designed for easy replacement of the carbon media, and are offered in both standard and custom sizes to accommodate a variety of system needs. Read More...[544 K]

  • Water Treatment Systems For a Cleaner Environment

   Waste Water Treatment Systems For a Cleaner Environment Filtration Technology Inc. is a stocking distributor for a full line of wound and rolled filter elements that are used to filter all types of liquid and air applications. Our specialized equipment allows us the greatest flexibility in designing filters for various applications. We also offer a Complete Line of ASME Code Stamped Cartridge Filter Vessels.

Since 1971 Filtration Technology Inc. continues to demonstrate proven leadership as FILTRATION AND CONTAMINATION CONTROL SPECIALISTS by providing the highest quality in Cleanroom Facilities, Air & Liquid Filtration to all types of commercial, industrial and specialized manufacturing facilities.

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