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Cleaning Supplies

   As precision requirements for manufacturing and researching increases across many industries, so does the need for a clean environment. For many of these high-tech systems, a carefully controlled environment is necessary to maintain high quality standards and minimize product rejection rates.

   Effectively protected from dust and other particulate contaminates, sophisticated systems can operate at much greater efficiency and productivity levels, thereby creating a new avenue of operational savings.

Specialized Filtration Systems for every Commercial or Industrial Application


   A controlled working environment can significantly improve a system's productivity and efficiency levels, increasing overall yield rates. Filtration Technology, Inc. has designed reliable, effective cleanrooms for a variety of industrial environments including:

Control Dust with Thin-Mat® Filter Machine and Air-Besto® Multi-Stage Filter Unit

The Thin-Mat Filter Machine Drawing

The Thin-Mat® Filter Machine is an automatic roll-type unit which indexes a variety of strong, specially selected filter media through an air stream. The filter machine is constructed of U.S.S. 14 guage galvanized sheet metal and all components are moisture protected. The unit is designed for use in general ventilation air, high temperature air (up to 350 degrees), high moisture conditions, high static pressure operation (up to 3" w.g.) and in high velocity conditions (up to 1,000 FPM, however 500 FPM is recommended).

The unit can also be used as a second-stage filter, downstream from drum filters, condensers, and dust collectors where dust concentrations are too high for regular filters and too light or fine for dust collectors. The Thin-Mat® Filter Machine offers you the technology of an innovative design for easy installation, the peace of mind of compliance with government regulations, and an improved, productive manufacturing environment. Read More... [711k]

The Thin-Mat Filter Machine Picture The Thin-Mat® Filter Machine has been used successfully across many Thin-Mat Filter Machine Filtersindustrial applications, including:

  • Textile lint dusts
  • Oil mist and smoke
  • Monomer and polymer dusts
  • Phase-changing contaminants
  • Fine dust in high concentrations

Since 1971 Filtration Technology Inc. continues to demonstrate proven leadership as FILTRATION AND CONTAMINATION CONTROL SPECIALISTS by providing the highest quality in Cleanroom Facilities, Air & Liquid Filtration to all types of commercial, industrial and specialized manufacturing facilities.

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