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Cleanroom Components and Furnishings

Cleanroom Components
Ceiling Systems and Cleanroom Wall Systems

Specialty Production Equipment
View the following specialty production equipment:
We Offer 2" and 1-1/2" T-Grid SystemsT-Grid Systems
  • The Cleanrooms International 2" Structural T-Grid System is designed to meet the exacting standards of the cleanroom industry. Applications include the food services, food processing, pharmaceutical, electronic, medical devices, chemical, and hospital industries.
  • Suspension hardware provides easy adjustment for installing the ceiling dead level.
CRI Ceiling Panels
  • CRI ceiling blanks used in spaces not occupied by SAM Fan/Filter Modules, Ceiling Filter Modules, or light fixtures.
  • Class 1000 - 100,000
Cleanguard Ceiling Panels
  • Clearguard Ceiling Panels are designed for low particle emission and maximum cleanability in cleanrooms and other environmentally controlled areas.
  • Class 100

Strip Lightup

Strip Light
  • The CRI Teardrop light fixture is designed for use in vertical, laminar air flow cleanrooms.
  • Narrow airflow design minimizes turbulence.

Lay-In Light Fixtureup

Lay-In Light Fixture
  • Sealed flushed door frame and sealed housing.
  • The housing and door are designed to fit a standard 2' x 4' ceiling grid opening.
  • Sealed housing and door frame allow relamping without contamination of the clean areas.

   Where critical environmental conditions must be maintained, modular cleanroom wall systems and prefabricated kit wall systems offer you a cost-effective alternative to conventional construction... without compromising quality, durability, or cleanroom efficiency.

   We understand your needs, so we combined the latest, most effective cleanroom Cleanroom Wall Systems technology with a modular design that can be installed, modified, expanded, and relocated quickly and easily to meet your changing needs.

   Our cleanroom wall systems provide an ultra-clean environment, with effective control of airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity, and filtration. We also give you the flexibility of a variety of core materials, exterior panels, and finishes to meet your requirements for acoustic and thermal insulation, chemical resistance, and static control.

Hardwall Modular Cleanroomsup

   Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms are designed with each individual customer's needs in mind to provide ideal systems ranging from ISO Class 1 to 9. Our Cleanrooms have been installed in a broad range of industries and countries. The modularity of the wall system allows for easy expansions and modifications after installation of the original design.

Since 1971 Filtration Technology Inc. continues to demonstrate proven leadership as FILTRATION AND CONTAMINATION CONTROL SPECIALISTS by providing the highest quality in Cleanroom Facilities, Air & Liquid Filtration to all types of commercial, industrial and specialized manufacturing facilities.

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